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Abby + Chad are ENGAGED!!

We really love engagement sessions. It’s such a perfect chance to get to know our couples and hear their stories. We think it is so important to make everyone feel comfortable and relaxed and just set the tone for a fun and real experience. When our couples are comfortable, they trust us and allow us to really do what we do…..tell stories.

Abby and Chad let us in. They opened up and had fun and really did an awesome job of just being themselves. And they are in love. Really in love!
They hit it off and through working out at their gym, became best friends and started dating. The gym downtown is such a part of who they are and their relationship that we started the session in the spin room. And the story of their proposal….so romantic!
Chad had it all planned out, he had the owner of the gym, friends and even a friend’s mom involved in the proposal. When they first started dating and Abby started spin class, she mentioned to Chad how the workout was so invigorating that it had given her goosebumps. He laughed and said he couldn’t believe that spin class had given her goosebumps but meeting him hadn’t! So Chad would tease her about it and she would always refer to spin by saying she was going to go “get some goosebumps”.
The night of the proposal, he told her to meet him up at the gym and set up a table and roses in the spin room.  When Abby walked into the gym, the spin room door was closed and there was a sign that read, “Goosebumps given here!”.  
She was so surprised when she opened the door to find Chad in the room and when he knelt down to propose, the water works started a flowin’!
After she said yes they went back home where a friend’s mom had dinner and wine waiting for them. They spent the evening together and now plan on spending the rest of their lives together!!
These guys were so open and willing to try things out and share their night with us and were really confident in who we are as photographers.  Their connection with each other both intimately and playfully is so apparent and we wish them tons of happiness and good times together!

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