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How To Make Your Destination Wedding Unforgettable

How To Make Your Destination Wedding Unforgettable

Many people decide to get married abroad because they want to create a unique and memorable experience for themselves and all their guests. Not only is this more exciting, it also cuts down costs a lot of the time because the UK is relatively expensive and venues tend to be in high demand. In order to make this work, though, you might want to consider these ideas.

Choose the perfect location

First of all, the most important thing is to select a fantastic location which is ideally suited for weddings. Some locations are particularly well thought of, including many hotspots in the Mediterranean for example. Weddings in Cyprus are extremely popular, as there are several resorts and coastlines on the “Island of Love” where you’ll see happy couples making the most of the climate, scenery and welcoming atmosphere. Alternatively you might want to travel to a romantic city like Paris or Venice for your wedding, or even go deeper into the natural world to find a truly unique and breathtaking site to get married.

Be clear on costs

Something that will really help you enjoy your wedding and remember the highlights fondly is to eliminate the risk of unexpected costs (as much as possible, anyway). This is best achieved by planning your budget carefully in advance and sticking to your original plan. You will need to put aside some contingency money as well so those inevitable expenses are already covered.

Use planning services

Sometimes a major problem with brides and grooms is getting way too stressed out about the entire wedding planning process. It’s simply not worth the minor cost saving if you try to take on too much single-handedly and end up missing out on enjoying your special time, especially when you have travelled to another country to be there. Destination weddings tend to be cheaper overall once you’re there, but this is especially true when you hire the services of an expert planner who knows the area and can take the pressure off you.

Keep your guests entertained

It’s not just about the ceremony itself, even if it does take all day or even longer. You actually need to consider that you will be spending an extended period of time abroad with your guests, who have most likely joined you at great personal expense. In the interests of keeping everyone happy and making sure everyone remembers your destination wedding as a fantastic family holiday, conduct some thorough research to plan activities and sightseeing so you really get to know the place you’re visiting.

Hire a professional photographer

Of course, this is our area of specialism so we do highly recommend you choose a pro photographer with plenty of experience. This means you can have all the most wonderful moments of your wedding captured on camera. You will need a photographer who has worked on destination weddings in the past and is comfortable with travelling to carry out the work.