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Make your Wedding Photographs Beautiful

Make your Wedding Photographs Beautiful

wedding photography

Weddings are an important day for couples. Wedding photographs help keep your memory alive, so it’s important to capture moments on your wedding day. Below are some ideas on how you can make your wedding images more beautiful and memorable too.

Group photos

Your family and your guests are an important part of your wedding, so it’s essential to capture many group photos as you can. You can set up a group photo shoot with everyone after the wedding ceremony and also plan some fun poses to make your photographs more memorable. There are plenty of other poses that you can do with group photos, and it can include adding props or posing a certain way.


Lighting can make a big difference in your images. Whether it’s indoor, outdoor or night time, make sure you have proper lighting to enhance your pictures. When shooting at night time, you could opt in for unique lightings such as disco balls or fairy lights. For outdoors, you can stick with natural lightings. However, be aware that your natural lighting will change over time depending on which time of the day you’re having your photo shoot.

group wedding photo

Candid photos

Posing for the camera is great for professional looking images. However, candid photos would be ideal for this type of event. You can hire a professional photographer to capture candid moments during your wedding day, or you could also ask some of your friends or families to take candid shots. This type of shots capture the real moments on your wedding day.


Trying different angles when taking the photo will give you different results. You may find that certain angles work best for specific pose or scenes. If you are hiring a professional photographer, they would already know to shoot at different angles.


Wedding is likely to take place in beautiful locations. Your photographer may choose a specific area where they can take a professional image of yourself and your partner.

Wedding Photography Trends in 2019

Wedding Photography Trends in 2019


The trends in wedding photography are always changing every year. Trends are becoming more modern as each year passes. Some of the trends below are highly influenced by the rise of technology and social media platforms. Below is a list of wedding photography trends that you’re likely to see this year. Let’s take a look at them below.


The term selfie became popular due to social media platforms. It is when you take a photograph of yourself or with someone else using your hand! It isn’t something you would typically see at a wedding in the previous years. However, it’s now a new thing in the wedding photography world. Couples would take a selfie shot to post in their social media. You can either take a selfie with your phone, a Polaroid camera or a disposable camera.

Second photographer

Hiring one photographer is now a thing of the past. Many couples nowadays are hiring a second photographer to capture as much as they can at the wedding. A second photographer is useful to capture the moments of the bride and the groom. In this case, the first photographer would be taking shots of the groom while the second one is taking shots of the bride.



When the drone camera was introduced, it suddenly became popular in an instant. What’s great about the drone is that it can record and capture images from above. Drones are controlled using a remote, and you can make it move or fly while you’re recording at the same time. The results are stunning as you get to see the full view from above. It can be used for weddings to capture the entire room and the atmosphere. Drone cameras also shoot in high-quality resolution, which is a great tool that many wedding photographers are now using.

Why a wedding photography course is essential

Why a wedding photography course is essential

wedding photographyWedding photography is one of the most popular types of photography for a career. A wedding is an important event for everyone that’s why wedding photographers are needed in this kind of event to help you capture moments and memories. Becoming a wedding photographer requires a lot of skills and experience and joining a photography course can help you learn some of the important aspects of becoming a professional. Below are some of the knowledge that you can learn from a photography course.


The course can help you learn and explore new skills which will help improve your work. Customers are looking for high-quality service and having the right skills will help you deliver the kind of quality that people look for.


Most photographers will freelance which means you’re most likely to be running your own business. In this case, you’ll need to know a bit about running a business and branding your service. With branding, you will learn to position your brand correctly based on the level of service you’re offering. You can choose from low cost, premium or a luxury brand.

wedding photographerPlanning

Running your freelance business means that you’ll need to know how to plan. Planning can be applied before the event, and this will ensure that you cover everything on the day with less hassle. It will make your work go smoothly and less stressful.


One of the hardest decision to make is pricing your work. For many creatives including photographers, it’s essential to have the skill of knowing how to price your job correctly. Some photographers underprice their work to get more clients however this is not ideal in the longer run. The price needs to be balanced and right for the service you’re providing. Photography courses can help you set your price based on how much work you cover.


How to create a successful wedding photography website

How to create a successful wedding photography website

wedding photography

Wedding photographers who are looking to build a career in the photography field are heavily reliant on their portfolio. The rise of the internet and social media means there is more opportunity for creative jobs such as photography. However, the competition is very high which means you will need to make yourself stand out from the rest of your competitors. The best way to make yourself stand out is to create a website that showcases your best work. Also, having a site for your images is highly essential when it comes to marketing yourself. But how do you create a successful website for your photography business? Below we’ll provide you with some of our tips to build a successful wedding photography website.


Think of a brand name that you want to be known for. Most photographers who work for themselves would generally use their name as their brand. However, you can always use a different name to brand yourself and your work. You may want to use a name that’s memorable to represent your work.


Have you noticed that successful websites tend to have a simple aesthetic when it comes to design? The simple design makes your images stand out even more, so it’s ideal to think of having more white spaces on your website. The simple theme is also seen as more professional.


Ensure that your website has a simple interface so that visitors can navigate easily. People will tend to stay longer on a website that’s easy to navigate.


As much as your website plays a vital role in attracting customers, your work will always be the number one factor that people want to see. So it’s ideal to upload your best work. To make them even more appealing to your audience by showcasing your work in high-quality images. Customers always look for quality over quantity.

How to choose the best camera for your wedding photography

How to choose the best camera for your wedding photography

wedding photography

How do professionals choose the best camera for a wedding photography? When professionals choose a camera, they pick out the most important features they need from a camera. So for instance, when looking at the specification, they would prioritise the features they need and make a comparison by choosing the camera that offers the most features they need.

The essential features include raw shooting, changeable lenses, flash settings and manual modes. Other important factors should be considered including resolution, sensor, battery life, light performance and speed.


You can find out the quality of the resolution on a camera by looking at the size of the sensor. The megapixel also plays a part in the resolution however it’s not as important as the sensor. A high megapixel doesn’t always mean a good resolution, it normally means the images are more flexible for printing and cropping.

Battery Life

Wedding photographers will be shooting all day throughout the event, so it’s important to choose a camera that has long battery life. They would find out how long the battery would last and they will be able to see how many spare batteries they need just in case they run out during the shoot.


Photographers will be shooting people in the moment to capture their full expression which means a camera with high speed is essential. Ideally, you would want to look at cameras with a rate of 5fps on a raw setting. A fast camera will help photographers keep up with every important moment on a wedding day.


A camera sensor will give you an idea of the quality of the images that you can get from the camera. Usually the larger the sensor, the more light you will have on the image. Photographers would look for large sensors as they provide higher resolution.

Wedding photography shots

Wedding photography shots

wedding photography

The wedding is meant to be an unforgettable event in your life so it’s essential to capture the best moments that you can look back to. Keep in mind that each wedding will be different for the newlyweds and it’s important to stick to a style that represents the bride and the groom.

When it comes to capturing the moment, we’ve listed the main scenes in your wedding that your photographer can capture to make it more memorable for you and your partner.

wedding preparationThe preparation

Before the ceremony, both bride and groom will get to prepare their attire for the wedding. The photographer can take a shot of the bride and groom before they are getting ready for their ceremony. Some scenes should include of the bride having her hair and makeup done or the groom putting on his tie and his suit.

Arriving at the ceremony

The arrival of everyone and the couple in the ceremony is an important moment that you wouldn’t want to miss. You can capture the couple’s emotions during this time. Capturing every other detail including the guests arriving and the ceremonial room too.

wedding ceremonyWedding ceremony

Take a shot of the groom waiting for the bride by the altar and the entrance of the bride, the flower girls and of course the bridesmaid. The photographer would need to take a shot of the ceremonial procedure which includes exchanging vows, exchanging rings and lastly the wedding kiss.

After the ceremony

The after ceremony should include a shot of the couple making their way out of the ceremony and celebrating outside with their friends and family. Other traditional ceremonies also include the bride throwing off her flowers for the next future bride. The couple may be having an after party in a different location and may be hopping on a special car to make their way to the reception.

Mastering the aspects of wedding photography

Mastering the aspects of wedding photography

wedding photographyOne of the most important tasks in planning a wedding is finding the perfect photographer who will handle not only photography but may also capture the engagement and announcements. Finding an experienced photographer with an abundance of creativity and professionalism will ensure that only high-quality pictures are taken during the ceremony, reception, and any preceding events. The main purpose, after all, is to capture precious moments of the most special day that marks the beginning of a couple’s life together.

Wedding photographs are typically taken in a variety of indoor and outdoor locations, including churches, reception halls, parks, beaches, city streets, lakes, and other places of scenery. There are a number of different approaches, including traditional, photojournalistic, and fashion-based techniques, that typically complement the location.

traditional photographyTraditional photography includes capturing memorable portraits taken in an idyllic setting that visualises the couple’s intimate bond. Originally, portraits used to be taken in a studio, but today’s options are often unique settings, especially outdoor locations, that complement the couple’s personalities and style. The benefit of working in outdoor settings is that natural lighting is easily available. In studio photography, on the other hand, lighting is typically staged.

Not only do photographers need to adapt to various locations, they will also need to be knowledgeable and skilled in different types of cultural weddings. For example, an Asian wedding photographer will be someone who knows how to capture traditional aspects of these celebrations such as the ceremony itself and certain rituals. If you are a person who doesn’t want the typical white wedding, then finding someone who specialises and has expertise in taking snapshots for your cultural celebration would be the best idea to get quality photos.

Photojournalistic wedding photography, on the other hand, documents the event by capturing vivid images of its happenings. Whereas traditional portrays beautiful staged poses, photojournalistic gives a more realistic reflection of the events. It captures the dramatic and candid moments, allowing the image to flow and tell a story of the couple’s special day. It uses natural, available lighting as well and is often a favoured technique among wedding photographers, since it requires little to no scene manipulation, staging, or posing. Instead, this unobtrusive type of capturing images allows the them to catch natural events in which the subjects appear less rigid.

Photographers may also employ the fashion-based approach, which is a more contemporary technique that produces a collection of candid images combined with posed photographs that resemble images found in major fashion magazines. Fashion-inspired photographs typically require a great amount of editing and processing before they are made available to the client as digital prints or in an online gallery.

Photographers will be able to provide access to captured wedding day images in a variety of formats, including via digital format and online galleries. In many cases, post-ceremony photos will be made available through digital prints and slideshows at the time of the wedding reception for all guests to view.


Why Wedding Photographers Should Be Blogging

Why Wedding Photographers Should Be Blogging

We’re not biased, but… wedding photography blogs are awesome! A blog can really add something to your work as a wedding photographer, but why should you have one, and what should you do to ensure it stays on track once you’ve started it up? These are important questions that we may be able to help you answer for yourself.

Firstly, why have a wedding photography blog?

  • A blog can help to showcase who you are as a photographer, build your own brand and give potential clients a great insight into the work you’ve done in the past. This way, they can see what your unique style is like and how it could apply to them.
  • You can use your blog to draw attention to your best photos and really highlight particularly successful shoots you have worked on. This makes your blog the perfect online portfolio.
  • Another use for your blog is to share your existing work with your clients, and they can then share the links themselves. That’s adding to the level of service you’ve provided, plus they will drive more online traffic straight to you.
  • A blog can also help your website perform better on organic search results pages, as the likes of Google are big fans of fresh, regularly updated content. This means more potential customers can find and engage with you.

Sound like a good idea? A blog is actually a really easy way to put resources you already have to good use. It’s not complicated to set up, but how can you make sure you don’t go astray while managing it?

A few tips of ours would include the following…

  1. Always keep in mind the reason you created your blog, as well as the audience you are speaking to, and stick to that purpose
  2. Don’t forget to keep up regular posts, as this makes it look like you care about your work and your clients
  3. Remember to be as creative as possible and infuse your imagination and artistic talent with everything on your blog
  4. Make sure you add value whenever you create or share content, making use of the fact that you are an expert in the field of wedding photography
  5. Support your blog with a good social media presence to make sure people can easily see and read about your work
  6. Ensure there is a simple way for all your readers to get in touch if they are interested in hiring you or seeing more examples of your work!
Get The Most From Your Pro Wedding Photographer

Get The Most From Your Pro Wedding Photographer

If you’re going to the trouble of hiring a professional photographer for your wedding, you have probably thought twice about the cost and considered whether it’s going to be worth the investment. This is a fair concern, but you can do something about it rather than worry! Follow these tips to try and get more value out of your photographer.

1) The initial meeting

It’s of the utmost importance that you spend plenty of time talking to your wedding photographer at your initial consultation to establish you are all on the same page. This means in terms of style, tone and the practical aspects of the wedding day, the photographer and the couple need to all be in agreement about what’s happening. You should follow this up with more meetings as required.

2) Introduce the wedding party

Your closest family and friends will probably be a big part of your wedding, so it’s important to introduce them to your photographer too. This will help everyone get to know each other and understand what to expect on the day, plus it will make the overall atmosphere more familiar and comfortable. All this means you’ll get even better images at the end of it.

3) Plan for formal photos

Many people don’t look forward to the posed photographs that are a staple of most weddings, but by working closely with your chosen professional you can arrange to make these much less awkward. Don’t have too many people in one picture; it’s better to opt for several smaller groups. You should have these done once the celebration has started, so everyone is starting to feel more relaxed and the other guests aren’t standing around with nothing to do.

4) Focus on the couple

Of course, the wedding day really is about the two people getting married. To really maximise the value you get from hiring a professional photographer, you need to ensure everything is focused on what the couple really want. It’s a great idea to set aside some time on the wedding day to have photos taken of just the two of you, giving you a chance to talk and feel comfortable while all the mayhem of the reception is going on nearby!

How Not To Edit Your Wedding Photographs

How Not To Edit Your Wedding Photographs

Whether you are a professional or an amateur photographer, sometimes it’s easy to go a little crazy in post production when you really wanted to just make a minor adjustment somewhere. The beauty of digital photos is that it can take literally seconds from taking the snap, editing it and sharing the fixed-up version… but when it comes to wedding photographs, you really need to be careful.

There are several issues that tend to plague the world of wedding photography, and sometimes professionals can be as a bad as the amateurs when they take their photo processing a little too far. Sometimes trying too hard to make images look flashy and stylised simply takes away their authenticity and looks unnatural. We spoke to a wedding photographer in Leicester with plenty of experience, about some of the common mistakes people tend to make.

For one thing, it can be very distracting when the edits you have made really jump out at the viewer straight away. If your first thought is that the picture has been edited, it really prevents it having a natural and emotional impact, which should be important for wedding photography especially.

A common distraction is uneven lighting as a result of brightening the subject, as many people might panic that their foreground looks too dark but need to cut around the subject to make sure the background doesn’t become too light. If you don’t do this very carefully it can easily look patchy and eye catching for the wrong reasons.

Shifting the colour balance is another area to be careful with, as skin tones can easily look completely off with too much adjustment. You may want to apply your changes as a test, and then reduce them to as subtle a level as possible in order to preserve a natural look for your images. The same is true when using contrast and similar tools, as these can easily become overpowering.

A major issue with editing images too much is that you lose a lot of quality, which defeats the point of hiring a professional photographer, or owning your own high-end camera. In either case, you’re wasting your money if you edit the pictures to within an inch of their lives and overwrite that high quality with noise.

It’s very important to make sure you respect your own work, or the photos that have been supplied to you, and avoid losing details you may never be able to get back through over-the-top editing. Many people make these mistakes… don’t be one of them!