How Not To Edit Your Wedding Photographs

How Not To Edit Your Wedding Photographs

Whether you are a professional or an amateur photographer, sometimes it’s easy to go a little crazy in post production when you really wanted to just make a minor adjustment somewhere. The beauty of digital photos is that it can take literally seconds from taking the snap, editing it and sharing the fixed-up version… but when it comes to wedding photographs, you really need to be careful.

There are several issues that tend to plague the world of wedding photography, and sometimes professionals can be as a bad as the amateurs when they take their photo processing a little too far. Sometimes trying too hard to make images look flashy and stylised simply takes away their authenticity and looks unnatural. We spoke to a wedding photographer in Leicester with plenty of experience, about some of the common mistakes people tend to make.

For one thing, it can be very distracting when the edits you have made really jump out at the viewer straight away. If your first thought is that the picture has been edited, it really prevents it having a natural and emotional impact, which should be important for wedding photography especially.

A common distraction is uneven lighting as a result of brightening the subject, as many people might panic that their foreground looks too dark but need to cut around the subject to make sure the background doesn’t become too light. If you don’t do this very carefully it can easily look patchy and eye catching for the wrong reasons.

Shifting the colour balance is another area to be careful with, as skin tones can easily look completely off with too much adjustment. You may want to apply your changes as a test, and then reduce them to as subtle a level as possible in order to preserve a natural look for your images. The same is true when using contrast and similar tools, as these can easily become overpowering.

A major issue with editing images too much is that you lose a lot of quality, which defeats the point of hiring a professional photographer, or owning your own high-end camera. In either case, you’re wasting your money if you edit the pictures to within an inch of their lives and overwrite that high quality with noise.

It’s very important to make sure you respect your own work, or the photos that have been supplied to you, and avoid losing details you may never be able to get back through over-the-top editing. Many people make these mistakes… don’t be one of them!

Wedding photography styles explained

Wedding photography styles explained

Wedding days are days that cannot be forgotten in a hurry and to make you remember there is the need to preserve the day in pictures and frames. For every couple planning for a wedding, booking a decent photographer has to be placed at the top of your priority list likewise the style of photography they have in mind.

Sniffing out a decent photographer

A good photographer will have some sort of online presence and should not be hard to find. If you are lucky to find a pool of them, well, it makes your work more difficult because you have to spend more time screening and sieving. However, you will have a better chance of settling for what you want. There is always that style that is unique to each photographer that will keep surfacing if you glance through their photo archives. By the way, your wedding is one of the biggest days in your life and all the stress is worth it, right?

wedding-portraitChoosing the right wedding photography style

No matter how professional your photographer is, you still need to sit down with them to decide the wedding photography style that pleases your senses. “There are different wedding photography styles and lighting of the hall or wedding venue as well as your budget will have an influence on the photography style,” advised Ray, principal wedding photographer for Ray Lowe Studios in Hertfordshire.


When you are dealing with a creative photographer, a portrait quickly becomes artistic or looks like something else. Portraiture is a traditional photography style that emphasizes one or more people. Precision in portraiture is paramount. The creativity of the photographer is as important as the willingness of the couple to veer off the normal or to be edgy.

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How to choose a wedding photographer

How to choose a wedding photographer

After the life-turning decision of marriage is made, the huge task of wedding planning ensues. It relates to some crucial tasks that need to be ironed out. When and where the wedding ceremony will be held? Who will be the guests to be invited? What will be the theme of the wedding? So, the list follows, and it requires a proper well-defined procedure to deal with.

Out of the various important things, one thing that should be paid attention is the task of hiring a good wedding photographer. There is usually a set of unique traits that must be considered.An experienced photographer is sure to have all these qualities, and you would be thankful to have considered these when looking out for a professional.

The hours put in

One of the most important aspects of photography is the number of hours the photographer works per day. Defining the timelines can help with the finances as well. Based on the type of photography required the coverage and time spent varies. It is vital that you photographer defines his activities for any particular day so that he can be traced to that location easily.

The style

Each photographer has a different style that he works with. Prices vary with experience and quality of work. Photographers use different styles expressing their art and skills. You would be able to identify the style of a particular photographer by looking at portfolios and past work on their website. Check for their technique, lighting methods, photo effects and collages. You can choose your expert based on what you see and like.


It is said that though mistakes are painful, after a while a group of errors turns into experience. You need to be comfortable with the photographer of your choice. Choose a photographer who has the best experience and who was able to convince you of a stellar job. Samples of past work should give you a good idea of how experience and skillful the expert is.

Options are provided to you with regards to payment and rates

You would have to consider what is offered to you. It would do you good if the package covers prints and enlargements. You would benefit highly if custom designed albums can be purchased. You need to check if digital files are provided along with the package or if extra charges are levied. All these can be checked out before you decide on the photographer.

Check on the contract terms

contractThe legal binding document between the client and the photographer is the contract. Check to see the conditions of the contract, what it states and what is covered. It is vital to read the document and clarify all your doubts beforehand.

And finally

The budget

Anybody would be more than happy to obtain the best value for the price paid. If you have managed to find a wedding photographer with all the conditions and they suit your budget, then you should not be waiting to find somebody cheaper.

In conclusion, a skilled Wedding Photographer not only just documents a wedding but also portray the entire event in an aesthetically pleasant manner. The photographer is expected to stay updated as per the emerging trends and technologies and holds the right expertise in caging the real essence of the wedding

Trash The Dress Photography – Why Women Destroy Their Wedding Gowns After The Ceremony

Trash The Dress Photography – Why Women Destroy Their Wedding Gowns After The Ceremony

Numerous wedding photographers are now offering both conventional and Trash the dress photography settings, the latter of which have been shot in some fascinating settings. Couples indulge in their most loved pursuits while dressed in their wedding finery, and the resulting photos are both unexpected and beautiful. A woman sporting her wedding gown under water looks like an ethereal mermaid, while another in a strobe-lighted cave is framed by flying bats and appears as a charming enchantress. Whimsically pairing hiking boots with a voluminous white dress and stomping through the forest with her new spouse is yet another favorite way for a bride to join the Trash The Dress brigade and to add a delightful twist to her wedding album.

Trash The Dress photography trend settings typically occur the day after the wedding, once the strain of the big day has melted away and the couple is looking for a fun way to begin their new life together. If you prefer, you can book your session for a few weeks after the marriage ceremony, upon your return from the honeymoon. This tactic reduces pressure and allows for more time to check out different settings and to try more innovative twists on Trash The Dress photography.

You may well wonder what happens to the dress after the Trash. Well, if it isn’t irrevocably stained or torn, it can likely be returned to its immaculate condition by a good dry cleaner. However, if it has been soaked in wine or chocolate, or singed by a campfire, it will become a cherished relic of an unforgettable event and just as valuable as the basis for family legend.


Trash The Dress sessions can be as elaborately staged as the wedding ceremony itself, with the help of storylines and props. They can replicate historic occasions or become period pieces complete with costumes from their era of choice. From caveman animal skins to futuristic space suits, outfits and activities are limited only by a couple’s imagination and pursuits. Edmonton wedding photographers who have participated in trash the dress photo shoots can show an interested bride and groom their portfolios and perhaps help them decide how and when to indulge in this newest and most exhilarating photo-op.


Trash the dress session is guaranteed to keep any wedding album from becoming the stodgy collection of posed participants our relatives bored us with. Rather, it can be a real record of “the way we were,” a photographic narrative that children and grandchildren will be fascinated to see and hear about. With the help of one of the trend-setting professional wedding photographers in your town, your dress trashing photos can become some of the most interesting photos in the family.

Tips For Lovely Wedding Photos

Tips For Lovely Wedding Photos

Capturing all of the memories of your wedding day is very important. That is why your photos are a key aspect of planning you need to focus on. Finding the ideal photographer is essential if you want to be able to look back at those pictures with a smile on your face. Take your time choosing one so that you get what you want. Talk to photographers to see what they can do for you.

Find one that is flexible and that will do what you ask.

For example you may want the traditional shots of the wedding party. However, you also want lots of candid shots of the guests at the wedding and during the reception. A great photographer is able to get those wonderful poses as well as those shots that simply come up as an opportunity in motion.

Ask to see samples of the work a photographer has done in the past.

That way you will be able to compare them and see if the quality is what you would really be happy with. The quality of the photos isn’t an area where you want to compromise. That is why you need to find experience that also comes with a price that can work well for your budget.

Find out what other features a photographer can offer you as well.

For example many of them also create videos that you will want to purchase of your wedding. They can help you to keep the entire event as once that is very special.

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